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Experts of Berlinale Talents 2019

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photo of Perivi Katjavivi

Perivi Katjavivi

Born in Oxford, Great Britain, to an English mother and a Namibian father, Perivi Katjavivi grew up in Windhoek, Namibia. He studied film at Columbia College in Los Angeles where he attained his BA. He holds an MA in African Cinema from the University of Cape Town and is a PhD candidate in Visual History at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa.


Continental Drift: New Views on Africa

photo of Sonja Klümper

Sonja Klümper

Producer Sonja Klümper is a co-founder of Amard Bird Films, a Berlin-based production company focusing on social issues and queer content. The company promotes women in all technical and creative roles. She attended Berlinale Talents in 2016 and presented three films at the Berlinale in 2017: THE MISANDRISTS and ULRIKE’S BRAIN by Bruce LaBruce and FLUIDØ by Shu Lea Cheang. In 2018, LaBruce’s IT IS NOT THE PORNOGRAPHER THAT IS PERVERSE premiered at the Guadalajara International Film Festival in Mexico.


Room for All: A Safer Set Workshop

photo of Matthijs Wouter Knol

Matthijs Wouter Knol

Matthijs Wouter Knol has been the director of the European Film Market since 2014. Originally from the Netherlands, he previously worked as a creative producer of a dozen internationally acclaimed and award-winning documentary films. He then worked for IDFA, where he was responsible for its co-production and sales markets, and set up the IDFAcademy including its Summer School. From 2008 to 2014, he was Programme Manager of Berlinale Talents, and a co-founder of the Berlinale Residency.


Sweet Streams: What’s Next on Netflix for Filmmakers

photo of Cédomir Kolar

Cédomir Kolar

Cedomir Kolar is a Croatian producer based in Paris. He has worked for Noé Productions since 1991. His credits include Milcho Manchevski’s BEFORE THE RAIN (1994), which was nominated for an Academy Award, and Danis Tanovic’s Oscar-winning NO MAN’S LAND (2001). In 2003, he founded the production company A.S.A.P. Films with Danis Tanovic and fellow producer Marc Baschet. Recent company credits include Ritesh Batra’s THE LUNCHBOX (2013) and Samual Maoz’ FOXTROT (2017).


Bankruptcy and Resurrection: How Producers Fail Better

photo of Susan Korda

Susan Korda

Susan Korda edited the Oscar-nominated FOR ALL MANKIND and the Teddy Award winner TREMBLING BEFORE G-D. She was story consultant on FIRST COUSIN ONCE REMOVED, which won at IDFA in 2012 and was shortlisted for an Oscar in 2014. Her directing credits include VIENNA IS DIFFERENT, ONE OF US and the short SALOMEA'S NOSE. She teaches at Columbia University and mentors at the Scottish Documentary Institute at the Edinburgh College of Art and at ifs internationale filmschule köln.


Kill Your Darlings

Adobe Live at Berlinale Talents

photo of Andreas Korn

Andreas Korn

Andreas Korn is a TV presenter and producer working on various formats for ARTE and ZDF. He presented the weekly programme YOUROPE on ARTE for seven years and the educational series PLANET WISSEN for WDR, as well as reporting for the children’s news programme LOGO! on ZDF. With his production company kornkonzept, he produces a multitude of TV and online formats. He studied Theatre and Communication Studies in Munich and Berlin and currently lives in Berlin.


Dine & Shine

photo of Heikki Kossi

Heikki Kossi

Heikki Kossi has been a foley artist and supervisor on over 300 international productions since 2001. His studio is located in Kokkola, Finland. The projects he has worked on have won awards in Cannes, Sundance, Chicago and IDFA, and have been awarded and nominated for prizes such as the Césars (THE LITTLE PRINCE, Best Animation Film 2016), British Independent Film Awards (BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO, Best Technical Achievement for Sound Design 2012) and the IDFA First Appearance Award (DISTANT BARKING OF DOGS).


Steps, Shots and Silence: Sound and Foley in Docs

Sound Studio Workshop II

photo of Sibylle Kurz

Sibylle Kurz

A pitching trainer and consultant for film schools and film institutes all over Europe, Sibylle Kurz specialises in intensive pitch training, project presentation, proposal development, dramaturgical doctoring and consultancy work.