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For general enquiries please email talents@berlinale.de or call us on +49 30 259 20 515.

Berlinale Talents Team

image of Christine Tröstrum
Christine Tröstrum
Project Manager
image of Florian Weghorn
Florian Weghorn
Programme Manager
image of Christina Just
Christina Just
Programme Coordinator
image of Benedetta Severi
Benedetta Severi
Events, Finance & Office Management
image of Matthias Campe
Matthias Campe
Talents Online
image of Andrea Uhrhan
Andrea Uhrhan
Partner & Guest Relations
image of Amy Leonard
Amy Leonard
Online, Social Media & Photo Editor
image of Lira Lousinha
Lira Lousinha
Talent Admin Coordinator
image of Leonie Verstegge
Leonie Verstegge
Protocol Officer
image of Luisa Ferber
Luisa Ferber
Event Assistant
image of Friederike Busch-Steenberg
Friederike Busch-Steenberg
Event Assistant
image of Nana Sartor
Nana Sartor
Event Assistant
image of Josephine Jütte
Josephine Jütte
Guest Management
image of João Pedro Prado
João Pedro Prado
Guest Management
image of Kathi Bildhauer
Kathi Bildhauer
Talent Project Market
image of Liza Lourdes Voigt de Difo
Liza Lourdes Voigt de Difo
image of  Mascha Schornstheimer
Mascha Schornstheimer
Programme Intern
image of Josephine Steffens
Josephine Steffens
Programme Intern
image of Camila Mignon
Camila Mignon
Social Media Intern
image of Paula Baltzer
Paula Baltzer
PR Intern
image of Maxi Schäfer
Maxi Schäfer
Talent Admin Intern
image of Zixuan Lai
Zixuan Lai
Talent Admin Intern
image of Tobi
Team Happiness Officer

External Staff

image of Sarah Schlüssel
Sarah Schlüssel
Head of Short Form Station
image of Zeynep Güzel
Zeynep Güzel
Head of Doc Station
image of Linda Kirmse
Linda Kirmse
Head of Script Station
image of Aletta von Vietinghoff
Aletta von Vietinghoff
Editing Studio Coordinator
image of Ange Da Costa
Ange Da Costa
Sound Studio Coordinator
image of Corinne Orlowski
Corinne Orlowski
Acting Studio Coordinator
image of Dominga Ortúzar
Dominga Ortúzar
Market Studio Coordinator
image of Johannes Louis
Johannes Louis
Camera Studio Coordinator
image of Juan Diaz Bohorquez
Juan Diaz Bohorquez
Production Design Studio Coordinator
image of Leonardo Goi
Leonardo Goi
Talent Press Coordinator