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Francesco Montagner


last update 2019-01-15
AlumBerlin 2018
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My films are heterogeneous in style and genre, spanning from documentary to fiction, from portraits to essays and observational films; they are eclectic in its sources for ideas, such as for example anthropology, sociology, cultural heritage, literature. Basing the style on a strong visual language and focusing mainly on documentary elements, my films have the common denominator of exploring themes connected, directly or implicitly, with life at the edges of society. My rural roots connect me with non-urban spaces, humanity and dehumanisation, as well as man in its relation to nature and animals (often in their symbolism).

Sample of work


image of Taurofilie
25 min

image of Animata resistenza
Animata resistenza
62 min

Interested In

Hybrid Formats • Politics • Religion • Virtual Reality • Short Film

Looking For

Co-Production • Editor • Central America • Germany, Switzerland & Austria • Mediterranean Europe