Encountering Samir

Short Film Station 2017

Project information

Talent Rand Beiruty
Role of participant Director & director
Director Rand Beiruty
Screenwriter Rand Beiruty
Status in development

Production details

Running time 5 min
Genre Animated Fiction
Year of production 2017
Countries of Production Germany , Jordan


In a war zone, four-year-old NIZAR and his brother RAMZY become friends with an enemy counterpart, SAMIR, turning the barren battlefield into a fantastical playground. Can the boys and the magic survive?

still / picture for Encountering Samir


During a civil war, two brothers, NIZAR and RAMZY, are walking home playing “soldier” and collecting gun shells from the ground. They meet SAMIR, a boy from the opposing side, and exclude and mock him for his differences. Samir pleads for the attention of the brothers by convincing them that he can do magic. When the conflict breaks out in their vicinity, the boys are forced to band together and create a magical shield to protect themselves from the violence.