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Script Station

The Script Station invites ten participants to share their feature-length screenplays with a line-up of internationally acclaimed script consultants. In a tailored combination of group work and one-on-one sessions, each project is dissected, discussed and developed, culminating in a public presentation under the keen eyes of industry players.

Who can apply?

Screenwriters and writer/directors who have written scripts for at least two short films, a feature film or a series that have been officially invited to international festivals or released widely on TV, online or theatrically. The focus of the lab is on developing your story and finding collaborators, rather than on budget, funding and co-production advice. The lab is also open to Berlinale Talents alumni who have not yet taken part in the Script Station.

What kind of project can I submit?

You can apply with an exposé for a narrative feature film or a high-quality drama series that comes with a completed treatment and an advanced script.

The Script Station participants before the Talents Labs Presentation.
The Script Station participants before the Talents Labs Presentation.
Emine Yildirim and Franz Rodenkirchen at the Script Station.
Emine Yildirim and Franz Rodenkirchen at the Script Station.
Questioning the script meant questioning the film as a whole, including the intended visual language. I really needed this kind of advice, having already worked on the structure and a draft of the script.
Participant of the Script Station 2020


What's the structure?

The Script Station is composed of two parts. Firstly, two individual mentorship sessions of up to 90 minutes each as well as a number of group meetings take place online prior to the festival period, in late January. The second stage takes place during the Berlinale, when the Script Station participants attend the six-day onsite Berlinale Talents Summit, and prepare themselves with a trainer to present their projects to industry professionals at the European Film Market.

What will I take away?

This is an opportunity to sharpen your project based on advice from industry professionals, the tutorship of dedicated mentors and feedback from fellow Talents alike. The ultimate aim of the Lab is to allow you to take your project to the next step, whatever that might be. 

How do I apply?

Access to the additional application for the Script Station is available once you apply for Berlinale Talents as a screenwriter or director. Be sure to allow enough time to complete both applications. Alumni should apply through their existing online profiles. Any questions? Consult our How to Apply page, or you can contact us at talents@berlinale.de or +49 30 25920 515.


The Script Station is supported by the German Federal Filmboard (FFA).

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