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Festival Returnees 2021

Jun 1, 2021
Esquí (Ski),  selected for Forum, was developed at our Doc Station in 2020 by  writer/ dir./ editor Manque La Banca. 
With  exec. prod. Victoria Marotta (BT 2016) and co-prod. André Mielnik (BT 2020).
Esquí (Ski), selected for Forum, was developed at our Doc Station in 2020 by writer/ dir./ editor Manque La Banca. With exec. prod. Victoria Marotta (BT 2016) and co-prod. André Mielnik (BT 2020).

The alums are back!

A wonderful 63 former Talents have played key creative roles in 45 films selected for this year's Berlinale, including four who worked on films that will premiere in the festival's prestigious Competition programme. The majority of these films will be screened across the Berlinale Summer Special. Three of these films were also developed over previous editions in one of our three Talents Labs Presentations. Seeing our alumni join us at the Festival again encourages us to continue promoting our Talents in all their diversity and striving to create a unique space for their artistic and professional development.

Talents alums can apply to push their projects further in the other project development initiatives run at the Festival. And earlier this year, 21 alums brought their budding film projects to the Berlinale Co-Production Market and 15 to the Berlinale Talents Labs Presentations.

Here are all the films our alums are involved in! Scroll further for links to each Talent's profile. 


"Babardeală cu buclucsau porno balamuc" (Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn) – actor Alexandru Potocean (BT 2017)

"Ich bin dein Mensch" (I'm Your Man) – sound design Sebastian Morsch (BT 2012)

"Természetes fény" (Natural Light) – writer & director Dénes Nagy (BT 2012), co-producer Viktória Petrányi (BT 2004)


"Best Sellers" – director Lina Roessler (BT 2018) *

"Courage" – cinematography Jesse Mazuch (BT 2016)

"Wer wir waren" (Who We Were) – writer, director & producer Marc Bauder (BT 2004) *

"Tides" – music Lorenz Dangel (BT 2006) *

"French Exit" – producer Trish Dolman (BT 2003) 


"Entre Hombres" (Amongst Men) – director Pablo Fendrik (BT 2006) *

"Philly D.A." – co-director Yoni Brook (BT 2009)

Os últimos dias de Gilda” (Last Days of Gilda) prod. management Carlos Eduardo Valinoti (BT 2017) *


"Das Mädchen und die Spinne" (The Girl and the Spider) – writer & director Silvan Zürcher (BT 2015), producer Aline Schmid (BT 2018), cinematography Alex Haßkerl (BT 2017)

"Moon, 66 Questions" – director Jacqueline Lentzou (BT 2019), cinematography Konstantinos Koukoulios (BT 2015), editor Smaro Papaevangelou (BT 2014)

"Nous" (We) – cinematography Sarah Blum (BT 2008)

"Vi" (Taste) – editor Lee Chatametikool (BT 2006)

"As I Want" – cinematography & producer Karim El Hakim (BT 2017)


"Al motociclista no le cabe la felicidad en el traje" (Motorcyclist's Happiness Won't Fit into His Suit) –writer, director, editor & sound Gabriel Herrera (BT 2008), producer Susana Bernal (BT 2019), actor David Mendoza (BT 2011)

"Les Attendants" (The Men Who Wait) – director Minh Quy Truong (BT 2016)

"Luz de Presença" (A Present Light) – writer, director & editor Diogo Costa Amarante (BT 2009)

"One Hundred Steps" – producer Michel Balagué (BT 2014)


"Censor" – writer & director Prano Bailey-Bond (BT 2018)

"Copilot" – cinematography Christopher Aoun  (BT 2019)

"Der menschliche Faktor" (Human Factors) – writer & director Ronny Trocker (BT 2008)

"Le monde après nous" (The World After Us) – cinematography Amine Berrada (BT 2014)

"Mishehu Yohav Mishehu" (All Eyes Off Me) – writer, director & producer Hadas Ben Aroya (BT 2017)

"Night Raiders" – producer Chelsea Winstanley (BT 2008), actor Elle-Maija Tailfeathers (BT 2013)

"North By Current" – writer, director, cinematography & editor Angelo Madsen Minax (BT 2016). This project was developed at our Doc Station. 

"Okul Tıraşı" (Brother's Keeper) – writer, director & editor Ferit Karahan (BT 2016)

"Kelti" (Celts) – actor Slaven Došlo (BT 2016) *

"Soud" – sound design Sara Kaddouri (BT 2019)


"Esquí" (Ski) – writer, director & editor Manque La Banca (BT 2020), exec. producer Victoria Marotta (BT 2016), co-producer André Mielnik (BT 2020). This project was developed at our Doc Station.

"Garderie nocturne" (Night Nursery) – co-producer Meike Martens (BT 2009)

"Jai Lumlong" (Come Here) – writer, director Anocha Suwichakornpong (BT 2006), assistant director Maenum Chagasik (BT 2013)

"Taming the Garden" – writer, director, cinematography, producer Salomé Jashi (BT 2009), producer Erik Winker (BT 2003)

"Qué será del verano" (What Will Summer Bring) – producer Victoria Marotta (BT 2016)

"The First 54 Years – An Abbreviated Manual for Military Occupation" – co-producer Elina Pohjola (BT 2012)

"Mbah Jiwo" (Ancient Soul) – editor Manuel Muñoz Rivas (BT 2006)


"Bicentenario" – dir.ector, cinematography, editor, sound design & producer Alvarez Mesa (BT 2016, 2017)

"Black Beauty: For a Shamanic Cinema" – editor José María Avilés (BT 2020) *

"Jole Dobe Na" (Those Who Do Not Drown) – sound design Sukanta Majumdar (BT 2007) *

"Mudança" (Upheaval) – editor Leonardo Mouramateus (BT 2018)

"Night For Day" – editor Francisco Moreira (BT 2011)

"Se Hace Camino Al Andar" (The Path is Made By Walking) – production design Diogo Hayashi (BT 2017), sound Marcos Lopes da SIlva (BT 2017) *


"Ensilumi" (Any Day Now) – writer & director Hamy Ramezan (BT 2010), producer Jussi Rantamäki (BT 2009)

"Mission Ulja Funk" –  co.producer Bernard Michaux (BT 2007)

"Stop-Zemlia" – editor Nikon Romanchenko (BT 2019) 

"Tabija" (White Fortress) – producer Adis Đapo (BT 2008)

"From the Wild Sea" – DoP Maria Grazia Goya (BT 2021)


"When a Farm Goes Aflame" director, cinematography, sound Jide Tom Akinleminu (BT 2018). This project was developed at our Doc Station. *

"Instructions for Survival" – cinematography Julie Cramer (BT 2012)

(*) films not screening at Berlinale Summer Special