Doc Station

The Doc Station invites ten participants to share their non-fictional scripts or concepts with a line-up of internationally acclaimed film consultants. In a tailored combination of group work and one-on-one sessions, each project is dissected, discussed and developed, culminating in a public presentation under the keen eyes of industry players.

Who can apply?

Directors who have written at least two short or one feature documentary or a series that have been officially invited to international festivals or released widely on TV, online or theatrically. The focus of the lab is on developing your story and finding collaborators, and rather not on budget, funding and co-production advice. Berlinale Talents alumni who have not yet participated in the Doc Station may also apply.

What kind of project can I submit?

You may apply with an exposé for a feature-length documentary or hybrid docu-fiction that comes with an advanced treatment and audiovisual concept. Projects already in rough-cut status cannot be considered.

Lara Sousa and Ulla Simonen at the Doc Station one-to-ones.
Lara Sousa and Ulla Simonen at the Doc Station one-to-ones.
The Talents Labs Doc Station Presentation.
The Talents Labs Doc Station Presentation.
The group feedback was an amazing moment, sharing my doubts with strangers and having an instant reply was something incredible. It gave me a bigger idea of how my ideas are operating in different cultures and ideologies.
Thoughts from a Talent, 2020

What's the structure?

Five days consisting of project development workshops in groups, two individual mentoring sessions, presentation training, a public presentation and follow-up. The moderated Talents Labs Presentation allows each participant to share insights into their material and touch base with producers, broadcasters and funders at the European Film Market.

How do I apply?

Once you apply for Berlinale Talents as a screenwriter or director you will have access to the additional application for the Doc Station. Make sure to allow enough time for both. Alumni should apply through their existing online profiles. Questions? Here's How to Apply. You can contact us at or +49 30 25920 515.

What will I take away?

A fine-tuned project with added depth, precision and life; the chance to present your material to industry professionals; lasting relationships with mentors and fellow participants from around the world.


Doc Station is supported by the German Federal Film Board and Sources2.

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