A Dream Made into Reality

Thank you for dreaming with us during this very special edition of Berlinale Talents 2021. It is in no small part down to our 205 Talents from over 60 countries, our guests on stage and hundreds of enthusiastic cinema-lovers in the audience that it became not only a reality, but a success. We look forward to continuing to dream together into the future.

Dream On

Every year, we select a theme for Berlinale Talents based on what could best serve our potential Talents and the film industry as a whole. In 2021, we could think of no better thread to connect us all than the communal idea of Dreams. When we dream, we go to the movies according to Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul. The opposite also holds. Since its very inception, cinema has invested our dreams with new meaning: early viewers were enchanted by a flight to the moon with Méliès or horrified at an speeding train coming their way in films by Edison and others. Since then, and through cinema, we have been offered countless vivid dreams: from the joyfully excessive cinema of Federico Fellini to the oneiric landscapes of Claire Denis and Sally Potter. It is precisely this utopian promise that drove this 19th edition of Berlinale Talents. We invited participants and audience to share their creative fantasies and professional nightmares in the pursuit of untold possibilities for artistic expression. And because our dreams have a better chance of coming true with the help of others, we welcomed a host of guests whose visions know no boundaries, whether poetically or politically.

"Berlinale Talents was for me a place to grow in dialogue with one another, understanding and reflecting - motivating me strongly to set goals, personally and professionally, for the next steps."
* All quotes come directly from participant evaluations. All graphic illustrations are visual recordings from the Talents Dream Journeys 2021 © Sophia Paeslack.
Dream Journeys
Berlinale Talents 2021 was all about overcoming the distance between us and creating the unique Talents experience of coming together in a safe, open and creative space. Nowhere was that more evident than in our Dream Journeys, where our 205 Talents joined together for a voyage of discovery. Over two sessions, we embarked on inspiring collective explorations of what’s coming next for us in the world of filmmaking and for the industry as whole. The discussions covered the uncertainty of the present and the optimism for the future, and were visually recorded in drawings that captured the essence of our collective dreaming.

Dream Of the Day

Everything looked a little different this year, including Berlinale Talents, so it was the perfect time for a new perspective. We invited our Talents to take a break, go outside, look at their local environment with fresh eyes and share their reflections, their Dream of the Day, with us here.

"The decolonized approach of Berlinale Talents is unique in the world of cinema, and it's an aesthetic arena to meet and connect creators of different parts of the world, collaborating together."

This year we had 205 Talents, and once again Deutsche Welle were on hand to create insightful portraits of a selection of them. Check out the videos below and browse the rest of the Talents here.

Talent Press Articles
Alongside wonderful reviews and essays, our 2021 Talent Press produced incredibly unique pieces for their final projects, including a video letter, an Audiovisual Herbarium, cinematic letters, and a desktop documentary.
Talents Labs Projects
We welcomed 40 filmmakers with projects in development to take part in our Talents Labs, offering mentoring from renowned experts to help advance their projects and present them to industry professionals at the European Film Market. From German mines to the Peruvian Andes, this year’s projects explore the world through a lens of the humanitarian, environmental and societal.
"There is nothing else quite like Berlinale Talents. It represents true diversity - I've never been in such a wide-ranging group of people, all bringing different lived experiences and perspectives."

And the dreaming continues. Please get in touch with us with ideas and your new projects.