Dream of the Day

Everything looks a little different this year, and that includes Berlinale Talents. We are very excited for our new 2021 format and the opportunity to come together with our Talents, mentors and expert guests in an innovative way that defies the current global situation.

With the world being a changed place from this time last year, we thought it the perfect time to look at things from a new perspective, to see things differently. Stemming from this, and a desire to retain a connection to the physical world throughout Berlinale Talents, we have invited our participants to take a break between their scheduled events and go out into their local environment, looking at their surroundings with fresh eyes.

Whether looking through a mirror, focusing on a colour or highlighting an environmental issue, our daily Talents explorations invite them to share their reflections and perspectives of their worlds with us here.

Read more about our inspiration for this exploration.