The German Federal Foreign Office has supported Berlinale Talents since 2004. In addition to political and economic relations, cultural relations – including education – are one of the three cornerstones of German foreign policy and have a proven, long-term impact. The German Federal Foreign Office’s worldwide network of German representatives gives Berlinale Talents access to a wide range of participants by distributing promotional materials through their channels.

Both Berlinale Talents and the German Federal Foreign Office believe in fostering cultural diversity, cross-cultural exchange and open dialogue, thus creating a solid foundation for international understanding and cooperation. The German Federal Foreign Office also supports Berlinale Talents as a means of showcasing Germany as a centre of world-class education and as the home of a vibrant creative and cultural scene.

Among the activities supported at Berlinale Talents, the German Federal Foreign Office is the main partner of the Berlinale Africa Hub, a platform for the African film industry at the European Film Market.

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