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Laëtitia Eïdo

Actor, Director

last update 2016-01-11
AlumBerlin 2015

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*** Laëtitia EÏDO is a French actress from a mixed background, which allows her to play characters from different ethnicities, in several languages (French, English, Greek, Palestinian, Berberian, Algerian, Hebrew). Her recent work includes A BORROWED IDENTITY, latest Eran Riklis' movie (Lemon tree); French tv-series GARAGE VOICES; and she's currently starring - with the lead part of Dr. Shirin - in the highly successful tv-series FAUDA, which disrupts the clichés about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. *** She'll be back on stage in France in 2016 with the theatrical adaptation of the novel "LE 4ÈME MUR" de Sorj Chalandon (Goncourt Lycéens Award 2013), directed by Arnaud Stéphan. And she'll star as the female lead in Shady Srour's movie HOLY AIR in Nazareth in January 2016. *** She started her career on screen with notably the role of Cleopatra, in Arte channel docu-fiction THE DESTINY OF ROME (in Greek & Latin); with Simon Astier successful comic tv-series HERO CORP in which she was an Indian superhero. The role she played in Arte movie LIMPLY, A SATURDAY MORNING (in Algerian) marked a turning point in her career. *** Her multicultural ethnic look opens up for her new horizons in the United States with the HBO/Cinemax action tv-series STRIKE BACK, season 3 (in English); and the movie THE LAND OF NOTHING (with the "David Lynch MA in Films"). She will soon be seen on screen with the leading part of the historical feature film FADHMA N'SOUMER (in Berberian). *** She started on stage, with various significant parts including ANDROMAQUE in Racine's Greek tragedy; EGLÉ in Marivaux's French classic THE DISPUTE; and Singing theatre or Operetta with PHI PHI. First trained in classical acting techniques in Paris theatre schools, she also attended workshops with Peter BROOK, Jacques LECOQ and Philippe GENTY companies. But she focused these past years on​ the Sanford MEISNER acting technique in New York, with Scott WILLIAMS and Niki FLACKS. *** More... :-) After architecture and set design studies (and while pursuing her Acting career) she also worked as a set designer theatre projects and movie sets, notably on CinéCinéma short film series SABLE NOIR (2006). She also worked as a First Assistant Director on video clips and advertisings. She directed and edited 2 documentaries: FROM 1st REHEARSAL TO THE PREMIERE (1'40" - 2005) and AFRICA 1954-1960 (1h01' - 2004). She worked as an Editor on a web-series about Ecology for PARIS City Hall (2011). And wrote and directed the short films: IDYOTT! (2002) and ELLA (2015). Moreover, she ​graduated from La Sorbonne-Nouvelle in “Scenography and new theatrical forms and writings” (Master 2) and published her research in “Registres” theatre magazine. She pursues today her passion for words and image through photography, writing and painting.

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