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Hiona Henare


last update 2020-03-11
AlumBerlin 2020Berlin 2014Short Form Station 2014
CountryNew Zealand

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Hiona’s films carry a host of awards including the ​Audience Choice Award and B​est Actress Award​ at the 2010 Wairoa Māori Film Festival. She has received the N​ZFC Huia Publishers Pikihuia Highly Commended Script Award;​ the S​outhseas NZ student film award​ for Best Film Production and the ​Australian Solid screen award​ for Contribution to Screen Arts. In 2019 Hiona received the B​est International Indigenous Documentary Award​ at the Wairoa Māori Film Festival. Hiona’s new documentary Ruahine: Stories In Her Skin premiered at the 2019 Asinabka Film, Media & Arts Festival in Ottawa and will also screen at FIFO Tahiti in 2020. Hiona represented Māori filmmakers at Berlinale Talents in 2014 and the international Interdoc Documentary Masterclass in Serbia in 2016. She was a participant of the 2018 DEGNZ Women director's incubator. And in February Hiona will return to Berlinale Talents 2020 as an Alumni filmmaker. She is currently in script development for her first dramatic feature length film "K​urahaupō​" (H​alo Around The Moon), based on the story of Tahitian navigator, Whatonga, and his wife Hotuwaipara.


image of I Am Paradise
I Am Paradise
18 min
Short Form Station 2014

image of Ruahine: Stories In Her Skin
Ruahine: Stories In Her Skin
38 min

image of Native In Nuhaka
Native In Nuhaka
14 min

image of Spirit Womon
Spirit Womon
28 min

Interested In

Drama Series • Hybrid Formats • Indigenous Cinema • Philosophy • Women Empowerment • Art/Experimental • Documentary • Drama • Fantasy/Science Fiction • Horror/Supernatural • Road Movie

Looking For

Actor • Cinematographer • Composer • Co-Production • Director • Distributor • Editor • Film Critic / Journalist • Producer • Production Designer • Sales Agent • Screenwriter • Sound Designer • Australia & New Zealand • Canada & USA • Central- & South Africa • Central America • Central Europe • Eastern Europe • Germany, Switzerland & Austria