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Juanita Onzaga

Director, Cinematographer

last update 2018-06-20
AlumBerlin 2018

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Juanita Onzaga is a Colombian-Belgian film director and cinematographer who plays with hybrid forms of film, combining fiction, documentary and experimental elements. Within her narrations she touches the importance of memory, death and imagination, creating tales that reflect different ways of perceiving reality, often within a strong political context. Watching her work, you wander in dreams, jungles and cities surrounded by spirits. Marrying this way a sense of emptiness in realism in an intimate way with a quest for mysticism, where the invisible gives more answers and meanings than the physical world. Onzaga’s new short film OUR SONG TO WAR recently premiered at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs during the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. In 2017, her short film THE JUNGLE KNOWS YOU BETTER THAN YOU DO won the Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the Berlin International Film festival in the section Generation 14plus, the highly acclaimed VAF Wildcard and other prizes, while being selected worldwide in festivals as San Sebastian, Sao Paulo, Reykjavik, Vilnius and Cartagena. Onzaga studied cinema in Brussels, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Direction of Photography at IAD and a Master’s in Film Direction at Sint-Lukas Brussel. She worked as a director and DOP for several short films, documentaries and video clips. She is currently developing her first feature film "The Landscapes That You Seek" at the Torino Script Lab and supported by Hubert Bals development Fund Bright Future.

Sample of work


image of The Landscapes That You Seek
The Landscapes That You Seek
in development
100 min

image of Our Song To War
Our Song To War
14 min

image of The Elusive
The Elusive
18 min

image of Martien
23 min

image of Camping Wesertal
Camping Wesertal
29 min