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Kruha In Iger

Bread and Circuses

Project information

Talent Jurij Drevenšek
Role of participant Actor
Director Klemen Dvornik
Producer Rtv Slovenija & Arkadena
Screenwriter Jaša Sketelj, Barbara Zemljič
Status finished

Production details

Running time 94 min
Genre Comedy
Year of production 2011
Country of Production Slovenia
Production Company
Studio Arkadena, RTV Slovenia
Website http://www.klemendvornik.com/kruhainiger/

still / picture for Kruha In Iger
still / picture for Kruha In Iger
still / picture for Kruha In Iger


Family Novak is drawn by lot to participate in a TV family quiz which takes place during the carnival. On their way to the Tv show the family gets into a misunderstanding with the police, at theTv station they get confused by a group of dressed up cocks, and things get truly interesting when the family gets to know the quiz moderatot Jos Bauer better. Everything about the TV station seems quite different from up close and the family members' values are turned upside down. The film is a comedy with a sent of nostalgia about socialistic Yugoslavia's last breath looking forward into brighter future days than they appear to be at the moment.

Participation in international festivals / awards

Festival of Sovenian films 2011