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Restul E Tacere

Project information

Talent Edgar Nistor
Role of participant actor, role conservative candidate
Director Nae Caranfil
Producer Domino Film
Screenwriter Nae Caranfil
Status finished

Production details

Running time 114 min
Genre Comedy
Year of production 2007
Country of Production Romania
Production Company
Domino film
Website http://www.restuletacere.com/ro/

still / picture for Restul E Tacere


In 1911-12, the Romanian movie director Grigore Brezianu and the financial tycoon Leon Popescu made together the 2 hours long movie "Romania's Independence" - an as faithful as possible screen adaptation of the real Independence War that had been fought in 1877. Now, "Restul e tacere" tells us, in a loose and half-fictionalized way, the story of this movie making.