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Osa / The Wasp

Project information

Talent Jurij Drevenšek
Role of participant actor- ancillary role
Director Kaja Tokuhisa
Producer AGRFT
Screenwriter Kaja Tokuhisa
Status finished

Production details

Running time 20 min
Genre Fantasy / Science Fiction
Year of production 2007
Country of Production Slovenia
Website http://kumba.agrft.uni-lj.si/ZAC/index.asp?PID=8347&l=0

still / picture for Osa / The Wasp


Insects are Jana`s worst fear. Yet one fine afternoon a gargantuan wasp passes her by! The Wasp loves strawberry juice and opera and its view of the universe is quite unlike that of humans. A summer stroll in picturesque Ljubljana may forever change Jana`s philosophy of life.


The boyJurij Drevenšek