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Bordo Rdeča / Burgundy Red

Project information

Talent Jurij Drevenšek
Role of participant actor- main role
Director Nejc Gazvoda
Producer AGRFT
Screenwriter Nejc Gazvoda
Status finished

Production details

Running time 19 min
Genre Drama
Year of production 2007
Country of Production Slovenia
Website http://kumba.agrft.uni-lj.si/ZAC/index.asp?PID=8377&l=0

still / picture for Bordo Rdeča / Burgundy Red
still / picture for Bordo Rdeča / Burgundy Red


Domen is a confused student who happens to meet Nina in a bookstore, only later realizing that she is dating his brother, with whom Domen doesn’t get along at all. During his mother’s birthday party, meeting her new boyfriend and having to deal with complicated relationships in his family, we witness a story of growing up and love, which is not perfect, but nevertheless life-changing.


Domen-mainJurij Drevenšek