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Project information

Talent Ivaylo Simidchiev
Role of participant Director, Writer, Producer
Status pre-production

Production details

Running time 01:30 min
Genre Creative Documentary
Budget in Euro 300 000
Year of production 2010
Country of Production Finland
Production Company
Almost an Island Productions

still / picture for Semi-nuclear
still / picture for Semi-nuclear
still / picture for Semi-nuclear


A film about the devastating consequences of nuclear weapon testing in the former Soviet Union. A special emphasis on the world’s biggest nuclear test site, the Semipalatinsk Test Site, now within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The former site is one of the most contaminated places on earth. Being presently left completely uncontrolled, it is still a major health threat to the residents of the site’s vicinity, who may have received more radiation over a longer period of time than any other people on earth. And that problem still remains an open wound: either unknown, or not taken care of properly.