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Talent Project Market 2020

Project information

Talent Anam Abbas
Role of participant Producer
Director Hamza Bangash
Producer Anam Abbas
Screenwriter Hamza Bangash
Status in development

Production details

Running time 90 min
Genre Horror / Supernatural
Budget in Euro 541464
Year of production 2021
Countries of Production Canada , Pakistan
Production Companies
Zunn Productions
Other Memory Media

still / picture for Mariam


MARIAM is a 27-year full-time caretaker, living with her autistic brother, BILAL (14) and their mother, FARIHA, in a tiny apartment in urban Karachi. At a cousin’s wedding, Mariam meets AKBER (32). Their secret romance flourishes in the weeks that follow, the rush of young love inflaming them both. After a trip to the beach, Akber and Mariam are caught in a fatal motorcycle accident. Traumatized by the crash, and terrified at the
prospect of being discovered alone as an unmarried woman, Mariam flees – leaving behind
Akber’s dead body. Miles away from the accident, she meets SALEEM (27), a friendly rickshaw driver who offers her a ride home. Mariam gratefully accepts. In the weeks that follow Mariam is consumed by nightmares from the incident. Meanwhile, Fariha is pressuring her to accept a marriage proposal that has come for her. Fariha hopes that the prospect of a happy wedding may be the answer to Mariam’s sudden depression. And also, Mariam’s potential in-laws have promised to get Bilal admission into Pakistan’s only special-needs facility. It is an opportunity too great to miss, the chance to secure both of her children’s futures in one go. Saleem, the rickshaw driver, begins visiting Mariam’s apartment, enchanted by her. When Mariam mentions her mother’s plans to Saleem, he becomes violent, threatening to blackmail Mariam with his knowledge of the accident. One night, Mariam’s nightmares bleed into reality- when she hears Akber call out to her- crying in pain. Consumed by the guilt of leaving Akber, she convinces herself that Akber is still alive. Mariam is determined to find Akber, abandoning family obligations and familial honor, as she dives into the darkest corners of her fragile psyche.


Name Anam Abbas
Company Other Memory Media
E-mail anamabbas@gmail.com