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I Dont Feel At Home On The Internet Anymore

Project information

Talent Anam Abbas
Role of participant Director
Director Anam Abbas
Producer Anam Abbas
Screenwriter Anam Abbas
Status finished

Production details

Running time 7 min
Genre Experimental
Year of production 2017
Country of Production Pakistan
Production Company
Other Memory Media

still / picture for I Dont Feel At Home On The Internet Anymore
still / picture for I Dont Feel At Home On The Internet Anymore


In November 2017, major cities across Pakistan were shut down due to protests staged by Khadim Rizwi and his army of young men, demanding the blood of a young woman. Broadcast television was off-air, we were stuck in our homes, alone, obsessively searching for news, monitoring how deep web censorship was active. Forward to November 2018 and the whole nightmare repeats itself- same characters, same dance.

This is a simulation of a manic interaction with social media, and its expected presentations of anger, hate, angst, pain, lust, streaming at high velocity, a frequency far removed from the mundane reality of our bodies and our connections with each other, fighting for ascendancy and relevance, where social media consumption becomes as much and as real and more amplified a lived experience than its IRL counterpart. When we tell our stories now, much of our memories are digital streams. When we process our trauma, much of what we must purge is collectively manifested violence.

Participation in international festivals / awards

Est & Utc + 5 9 (group show) Karachi and Philadelphia
Women's Film Festival, Colombo, 2019