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Residency 2019

Project information

Talent Yona Rozenkier
Role of participant Director
Director Yona Rozenkier
Producer Kobi Mizrahi
Screenwriter Yona Rozenkier
Status in development

Production details

Running time 90 min
Genre Drama
Budget in Euro 973 000
Year of production 2020
Country of Production Israel
Production Company
KM Productions


can you unknow everything you have been told to beleive?

still / picture for Sibir


In a post-apocalyptic world, Dana 12, and Rotem, 15; two Israeli girls find themselves living with their father Ben, 42, in the deep freezing forests of Siberia. They hold a Spartan daily schedule consisting of survival training and trap-hunting. They have been living like that for as long as they remember. Memories from before the war are long gone and they relay only on the scarce stories their father painfully tells them. Every summer they move to a different, old, abandoned hunter's cabin from before the big war. They are always on the run from the savages among which they secretly live, who killed their mother and who are looking for them. In order to survive, the father taught them not to show any emotions and not to trust anyone, including each other. They have one goal: to stay alive no matter what. All the knowledge the girls have is written in their father's hand written notebooks: from Math and physics, to literature and history. One night the savages attack by surprise, killing the father and forcing the sisters to flee- sending them a dangerous quest to find a new Cabin. The eldest sister Rotem is leading them, preserving and holding to the letter every rule their father instructed them. On the other hand, the vivid and curious young Dana starts questioning the Spartan rules. Slowly, along with the weather, the relation between the two sisters begins to warm as well and cracks of doubts begin to rise too. A dangerous encounter with a family of savages will test their beliefs, forcing the sisters to make a critical decision.