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Der Letzte Sänger Der Wale

The Last Whale Singer

Project information

Talent Reza Memari
Role of participant Screenwriter
Director Reza Memari
Producer Maite Woköck & Reza Memari
Screenwriter Reza Memari
Status in development

Production details

Running time 85 min
Genre Animated Fiction
Year of production 2021
Country of Production Germany
Production Company
Telescope Animation GmbH
Website http://www.thelastwhalesinger.com


Still grieving the loss of his parents, a teenage humpback whale must overcome his self-doubt and embrace his destiny to save the oceans from an ancient evil with his mystical song.

still / picture for Der Letzte Sänger Der Wale
still / picture for Der Letzte Sänger Der Wale
still / picture for Der Letzte Sänger Der Wale


When Vincent the humpback whale was still a calf he used to love to sing. His father Humphrey was the last Whale Singer, who had the ability to heal the oceans with his magical Ocean Song and Vincent couldn't wait to be just like him. But ever since his parents' sudden death, Vincent has stopped singing altogether, thinking that it was his fault. Today, Vincent is a withdrawn teenager who denies his destiny and lives with his father’s finicky butler fish Percy.

One day, Vincent is called to the North Pole because of an emergency. An ancient monster called the Leviathan is threatening to break free from a melting iceberg and annihilate the oceans with its poisonous ink. Only a Whale Singer can defeat the Leviathan, but Vincent doesn’t believe in his ability and stubbornly refuses to sing. Instead, he remembers the legend of the White Whale who managed to bring back his killed son from a mystical place at the deepest point of the sea: the Star Pool. And so, Vincent boldly decides to bring back his parents, so that his father can save the oceans from the Leviathan.

On Vincent and Percy’s search for the Star Pool, they are washed up on an island of garbage, ruled by a whacky, self-proclaimed walrus king and discover a super secret spritiual retreat inside a sunken, Atlantean city. With the help of Darya, a free-spirited, perky humpback whale girl and her cocky fish sidekick Phoebe (who immediately falls in love with the overwhelmed Percy), Vincent finally finds the deepest point in the ocean: the Mariana Trench. But when he reaches the bottom, he is surrounded by nothing but whale skeletons. There is no Star Pool. All is lost, but thanks to his friends, Vincent enters into a trance and learns from the ghosts of his parents that he did not cause their death and that he must find his own Ocean Song in order to become the next Whale Singer.

With newfound confidence, Vincent faces the attacking Leviathan. While his friends distract the monster, Vincent reconnects with his inner child and combines his father's Ocean Song with a Song Vincent used to sing in his happy childhood. Suddenly, the water illuminates around him. Vincent has found his Ocean Song! But one voice is not enough against this kind of evil and so Darya, Percy, Phoebe and other marine animals around the world join Vincent in a magnificent chorus. Soon, the golden light from the song is so strong that it turns the Leviathan to ashes. They did it! Darya gives Vincent a kiss on the cheek that makes him blush. Vincent might be the new Whale Singer, but he’s still just a teenager.