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Zwischen Welten

Project information

Talent Anne Bolick
Role of participant Cinematographer
Director Saralisa Volm
Status production

Production details

Running time 90 min
Genre Documentary
Year of production 2019
Countries of Production Austria , Bangladesh , Burkina Faso , Germany , Italy , Malawi
Production Company
Poison Film

still / picture for Zwischen Welten


ZWISCHEN WELTEN (In Between Worlds) is a film about three women who are practising their professions in two completly different cultures. They are experiencing a "being in between worlds", where they cant tell anymore where life and work is better. Here or there?
The principles have resolved, so the three women begin to decide for themselves, whats right.
The doctor Sophie Tegetthoff, the creative artist Aino Laberenz the architect Anna Heringer take us in their lives in Germany and abroad.

The limited resources in a delivery room in Malawi, have told Sophie what we might have unlearned in Europe:
Being a doctor, without having a bandwidth in diagnosis, but instead rely on your own perceptions and feelings.

Anna learns in Bangladesh the only resonable, because sustainable, construction method for the future: the utilisation of local building materials - and transfers her experiences to her projects in Europe.

Through her project "Operndorf Afrika" Aino shows that for Art you need ideas, self-responsibility, also willpower, instead of infinite resources.
Our main intention is to not to show persons who are seeing themselves as aid workers. We want to show the arrivals, familiarisation, the learning and reflection.

A special focus of this Film are these feeling of being in between: the journeys, the goodbys, and these moments when you are close to arrive Berlin, where you reserved a table, which will cost you in the end of the evening more than it would have cost to pay new medicaments for the clinic in Malawi.