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Alles Mag

Anything Goes

Project information

Talent Joram Willink
Role of participant Producer
Director Steven Wouterlood
Producer Joarm Willink
Screenwriter Steven Wouterlood, Maarten van Voornveld, Chiel van der Wolf
Status finished

Production details

Running time 25 min
Genre Children's Film
Year of production 2014
Country of Production Netherlands
Production Companies
Website http://bindfilm.com/projects/anythinggoes/

still / picture for Alles Mag
still / picture for Alles Mag


After moving to Amsterdam, 11-year-old Tygo from Brabant gives a class talk about carnival. What starts as a general explanation of the festival, turns into a personal and poignant account. Although his father always says that anything goes with carnival and Tygo dreams of joining the marching girls, his father also shows him that even with carnival one can go too far.

Participation in international festivals / awards

International Emmy Award 2014 | New York
TIFF Kids Jury Award 2014 | Toronto International Film Festival
Cinekid Kinderkast Jury Prize - Fiction 2014 | Amsterdam
Children’s Jury Prize 2014 | Tokyo Children’s Film Festival
Best Children’s Film 2014 | International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
Best Short Film 2014 | Olympia Film Festival | Greece
Nomination Golden Calf 2014 | Netherlands Film Festival | Utrecht
Nomination Cinekid Kinderkast Audience Award 2014 | Cinekid Festival | Amsterdam