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Oom Henk

Uncle Hank

Project information

Talent Joram Willink
Role of participant Producer
Director Elbert van Strien
Producer Joram Willink
Screenwriter Bert Bouma
Status finished

Production details

Running time 92 min
Genre Comedy
Year of production 2012
Country of Production Netherlands
Production Companies

still / picture for Oom Henk
still / picture for Oom Henk
still / picture for Oom Henk


Law student Koen rescues himself from a threatening situation with street scum by claiming that top criminal Hank de Koning is his uncle. He gets deeper into trouble as ‘Uncle Hank’ a few days later rings his door. Koen may return the favour for him, that for Koen of course is impossible to refuse. No, you don’t easily get rid of Uncle Hank….

Participation in international festivals / awards

Worldfest Houston
Netherlands Filmfestival competition


Name Joram Willink
Company BIND
E-mail joram@bindfilm.nl