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Reise Nach Jerusalem

Project information

Talent Aletta von Vietinghoff
Role of participant Editor
Director Lucia Chiarla
Producer Kess Film
Screenwriter Lucia Chiarla
Status finished

Production details

Running time 120 min
Genre Tragicomedy
Year of production 2018
Country of Production Germany
Production Company
Kess Film, Schiwago Film
Website https://filmreisenachjerusalem.com/


Alice, unemployed, can no longer tolerate and refuses to get along with the requirements of a working life. A surprising tragicomedy on the dark side of Berlin.

still / picture for Reise Nach Jerusalem
still / picture for Reise Nach Jerusalem
still / picture for Reise Nach Jerusalem


“Reise nach Jerusalem” is a game based on luck: You have to be in the right place at the right time – or there won’t be any chair left for you.
Alice has been unemployed for too long and she doesn’t win this stupid game anymore. Her friends got married, some had children and built a career while she’s writing job applications sitting on her shaky chair and with her broken notebook.

The employment office continuously invites her to some job application coaching, where she is forced to take persistent advices. Since some time already Alice has the feeling, that this has just the purpose of making the unemployment statistics look nicer.

Eventually, she has no patience anymore and ends up refusing the arrangements of the jobcenter.
In spite of everything, she still survives with petrol vouchers she gets from jobs in market research institutes – to exchange them for money, cause she has no car, of course. Her life becomes an absurd world of barter trade. Family and friends have no idea of how deep in trouble Alice is. Her persistent search for social acceptance cannot save her from the increasing isolation.

Time runs on her Japanese fortune cat watch next to her laptop: The rent remains unpaid, the bank is always calling because her account has a negative balance and she has no way to pay the phone bills. Alice keeps on fighting daily against electronic sounds that obstruct her way. And the petrol vouchers remain vouchers. Even Sex has its price, as she has to realize one night, as she tries to get rid of her isolation.

Therefore, she finally went to her neighbour Luca, who works as a stripper. A very intense encounter that will pull her out of her despair, just before facing a radical decision: Should she keep playing the game along or just let go?

Participation in international festivals / awards

Max Ophüls Filmpreis 2018 - competition
Achtung Berlin 2018 - winner Best Film, Best Actress, Best Script (special mention) and the ExBerliner Special Prize