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Nudo Mixteco

Talent Project Market 2018

Project information

Talent Paula Alamillo Rodriguez
Role of participant Producer
Director Ángeles Cruz
Producer Lola Ovando, Lucia Carreras, Madrecine, Mexico / Paula Alamillo Rodriguez, Sonja Klümper, AMARD BIRD Films, Germany
Screenwriter Ángeles Cruz
Status in development

Production details

Running time 100 min
Genre Drama
Budget in Euro 845356
Year of production 2019
Countries of Production Germany , Mexico
Production Company
Madrecine, Mexico / AMARD BIRD Films, Germany


Three intertwined stories at a Mixtecan town. Three different women, Chabela, Maria and Toña, have to face their past and resolve their future on the same day, dealing with rejection and fighting for their sexuality and happiness.

still / picture for Nudo Mixteco


A story about indigenous women's struggle over doubts and fears, a voyage through their strengths and search for independence. Chabela faced Esteban's absence, now that he's back. Before he has even stepped down from the homecoming bus, he realizes that the saints’ celebration. After a nights’ drinking with Nato, Esteban finally returns home to find out that his family is not the same: his children do not recognize him, and Chabela lives with another man. Feeling helpless, Esteban goes to the communal authorities to denounce his wife and demand justice for her betrayal. The authorities call a communal assembly where Chabela’s action will be judged by popular vote, she gets to stay with her new man and Esteban is allowed to keep the house. María works as domestic help in Mexico City. She receives a phone call from her father telling her mother just passed away. She left her town despised for being a lesbian by her father, but she returns to give a last goodbye to her mom. At the wake, she is met again with her father’s hate; while she’s running out, she comes across into Piedad, her childhood love who offers her a place to stay. Once alone the couple’s love is quickly rekindled. María asks Piedad to return to the city with her, but her lover has started a family and evades a straight answer. María tries to solve her problems with her father one last time, but the man rejects her again. For a moment things look up when Piedad surprisingly agrees to run away with her, but in the last moment, María regrets her previous choice and again flees town, alone. Toña escaped because she was abused by her uncle Fermín, leaving her daughter, Rosita, in charge of her mother. She lives in Mexico City and sells clothes in the market at La Merced. Toña’s mother calls to tell her to fetch her daughter because she has become conflictive. This makes her suspicious. Once back at her mothers’ home Toña blames her mother for allowing Fermin to abuse her. At the end of the town’s assembly Toña confronts her uncle, threatens him, accusing him of abusing now her daughter. Toña accuses him with the authorities and leaves town with Rosa, this time for good. A group of women wash their clothes in the rocks. A plastic triangle, some leftover from the party, floats down the river.