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Project information

Talent Gina Keller
Role of participant Sound Designer
Director Jan-Eric Mack, Luca Ribler, Lisa Brühlmann, Yasmin Joerg, Wendy Pillonel
Producer Filippo Bonacci
Screenwriter Jérôme Furrer, Remie Blaser, Romana Friedli, Olga Dinnikova
Status finished

Production details

Running time 82 min
Genre Drama
Year of production 2016
Country of Production Switzerland
Production Company
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK
Website http://www.swissfilms.ch/de/film_search/filmdetails/-/id_film/2146991953

still / picture for Peripherie
still / picture for Peripherie
still / picture for Peripherie


August 1st in Zurich. An unbearably hot day. While many are celebrating the Swiss national holiday, five individual fates take their course: 1. As a symbol against capitalism in Switzerland, Vinc is planning an attack in the city centre. 2. Tibetan descendent Sonam is struggling to settle into her new job as a police officer – worse still, she makes a major mistake during her first operation. 3. Hunter Edi’s status quo is unbalanced when a financial predicament puts his morals to the test. 4. Young Ukrainian Sonja arrives in Zurich full of hope to surprise the love of her life – but she is in for an even bigger surprise. 5. Chilean Javier no longer feels at home in Switzerland and decides to return – with his daughter, but without her mother’s knowledge – to his motherland.

Participation in international festivals / awards

12. Zurich Film Festival, Competition 2016
Fünf Seen Filmfestival, Competition 2017
52. Solothurner Filmtage, Competition 2017