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The White Girl

Project information

Talent Jenny Suen
Role of participant Director
Director Jenny Suen, Christopher Doyle
Producer Ken Hui, Leonard Tee, Jenny Suen, Alea Rahim, Heidi Ng
Screenwriter Jenny Suen and Christopher Doyle
Status finished

Production details

Running time 97 min
Genre Drama
Year of production 2017
Countries of Production Hong Kong , Japan , Malaysia
Production Companies
Pica Pica Media
Kino Films (Japan)
Astro Shaw
Utopia Entertainment
Website http://www.jennysuen.com

still / picture for The White Girl
still / picture for The White Girl
still / picture for The White Girl


The White Girl is born allergic to the sun. She lives with her overprotective father in a shack in the last fishing village of Hong Kong. One day, she discovers a suitcase of her late mother’s belongings and starts to question her identity. At night, she sneaks out to meet Sakamoto, a traveller squatting in a haunted ruin. Inside, there’s a camera obscura and a mirror. He shows her how to see her world from another angle. Meanwhile, street kid Ho Zai follows a group of Chinese tourists snooping around the neighbourhood with unsavoury intentions. The corrupt Village Chief welcomes them. Something is happening. What will become of this place? What will they do to protect it? Debut director Jenny Suen and legendary cinematographer Christopher Doyle teams up for this tropical-noir fairy tale about a disappearing land, set to delight dreamers, outcasts, and sensualists everywhere.

Participation in international festivals / awards

BFI London Film Festival (World Premiere)
Camerimage Film Festival (Special Screening)
Hong Kong Asian Film Festival (Closing Film)
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
Tallinn Film Festival
Singapore International Film Festival (Special Presentation)
Turin Film Festival (Competition)
Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival
Dublin Film Festival
Malaysia International Film Festival
San Francisco International Film Festival
Shanghai International Film Festival