Children Of Satan

Short Film Station 2017

Project information

Talent Thea Hvistendahl
Role of participant Director
Director Thea Hvistendahl
Producer Andrea Berentsen Ottmar
Screenwriter Sofia Lersol Lund & Thea Hvistendahl
Status in development

Production details

Running time 20 min
Genre Thriller
Year of production 2017
Country of Production Norway
Production Company


LOUISE (11), a perfect Christian, and MARIA (11), the rebel, are both outsiders at the bible camp where they spend their summer. They develop a close and intense friendship built on a mutual hatred towards an autistic girl, and as their fantasies and fears mix up, their friendship becomes fatal.

still / picture for Children Of Satan
still / picture for Children Of Satan


Children of Satan is a story about the perfect bible girl, LOUISE (11), who after a scary experience with ERNA(14), an autistic girl, finds comfort in MARIA’S (11) theory that all disabled people are children of Satan. As their fantasy fuels each other’s imaginations the game becomes increasingly dangerous and the girls become ever closer. They are obsessed with the thought that Erna has marked Louise as her next victim. They make several attempts to get rid of her and after performing a spiritual ritual they succeed. But when Erna is gone, there isn’t much left to hold their friendship together anymore and the girls start looking forward to going home. As they take their last swim for the summer, Erna suddenly appears close to them in the water and in sheer panic they push her under. As everyone else are busy nobody seems to notice that Erna is gone before the girls have left the camp. As the pair’s friendship dissolves for good, something in each of them has also changed forever.