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Dogs And Tacos

Project information

Talent Nausheen Dadabhoy
Role of participant Cinematographer
Director Steve Bachrach
Status finished

Production details

Running time 15 min
Genre Coming-of-age
Year of production 2016
Country of Production United States
Production Company
División del Norte

still / picture for Dogs And Tacos


Dogs and Tacos presents one afternoon/evening in the life of Alma Pantaleon, a high school junior in South-Central Los Angeles, starting with her after-school job at local taqueria "El CIhualteco". Alma's plans to get a little homework done on a slow night are undone when Nilsen, a former boyfriend with a history of gang involvement, shows up and unceremoniously dumps his little brother, Jorge, on the curb in front of the taqueria. Over the course of several hours, Alma gradually discovers that the boy has come a long way (in the wrong direction) from the sweet kid she remembered fondly, and she endeavors to teach him a life lesson.

Participation in international festivals / awards

LA Shorts Fest (2016)
Hollyshorts Film Festival (2016)
Zamoxis Short Film Showcase (2016)
Huatulco Oaxaca Film Festival (2016)
San Francisco Latino Film Festival (2016)
Tupilanes Latino Art & Film Festival (2016)

FESANCOR - Jury Prize for Intercultural Themes