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Project information

Talent Shraddha Chauhan
Role of participant Distributor
Director Anu Menon
Producer Manish Mundra, Priti Rathi Gupta
Screenwriter Anu Menon, Atika Chohan
Status finished

Production details

Running time 105 min
Genre Drama
Year of production 2015
Country of Production India
Production Company
Ishka Films, Drishyam Films
Website http://www.drishyamfilms.com/films/waiting.php

still / picture for Waiting
still / picture for Waiting
still / picture for Waiting


A retired professor whose wife has been in a coma for eight months meets a terrified young wife whose husband has slipped into coma after a sudden accident. Confronted with grief in all its different stages, they are pushed to re-examine their individual ideas of love and attachment, with their inner conflicts playing up against the dark and mysterious Cochin backwaters. The story is told light heartedly, filled with banter and insight, making the drama instantly accessible and engaging.

Participation in international festivals / awards

1. Dubai International Film Festival
2. International Film Festival of Los Angeles
3. London Asian Film Festival
4. Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival