Short Film Station 2017

Project information

Talent Rajan Kathet
Role of participant Director/Writer
Director Rajan Kathet
Producer Prajjwal Sjb Rana
Screenwriter Rajan Kathet
Status in development

Production details

Running time 17 min
Genre Mystery
Year of production 2017
Country of Production Nepal
Production Company
Eye Core Films


After years of working overseas a man returns to his village in Nepal only to find that his wife has moved on and his children no longer remember him.

still / picture for Maya
still / picture for Maya


Set in Nepal in 2009, after the historical peace agreement which ended the decade-long civil war, MAYA follows 38-year-old Batuwa as he returns to his village after years of working abroad. He discovers that his wife has taken other lovers and his children live in abject poverty, reduced to stealing food from other people’s kitchens. He is filled with guilt for the years of absence from his family and the state they are in. He also struggles between the hurt and anger caused by his wife’s unfaithfulness and his desire to rebuild a life out of what is left of his family. Adding salt to his wounded masculinity is the open contempt and taunts of his fellow-villagers.

As the narrative unfolds we are continuously on edge and, until the very end, we never quite know whether Batuwa will overcome or succumb to the obstacles in his way.