When The Lights Go Out

Short Film Station 2017

Project information

Talent Jonas Trukanas
Role of participant Director
Director Jonas Trukanas
Producer Gabija Siurbytė
Screenwriter Jonas Trukanas, Edvardas Mikalauskas
Status in development

Production details

Running time 15 min
Genre Horror / Supernatural
Year of production 2017
Country of Production Lithuania
Production Company
Dansu Films


During his first day at a new school, an unusually quiet, reclusive boy with a dark secret, is set upon by local bullies and must outsmart his guardian demon in order to avoid another horrible massacre.

still / picture for When The Lights Go Out


It’s the first day in a new private school for Mantas – a quiet, harmless teenage schoolboy. As soon as Mantas arrives, his new classmates try to show their superiority by bullying him in the school bathroom. This is how Mantas's dark secret comes to light: every time he gets hurt, Mantas inadvertently summons a murderous guardian demon. It displaces all teenagers in time as day suddenly becomes night. Then, the Creature attempts to kill the bullies, while Mantas desperately tries to protect them. As boys understand that they can’t run away from the demon, they will devise a clever plan defeat it. It will involve loud music and disco lights. Yet in the very end Mantas will have to face his demon himself.