Feldarbeit/in The Fields

Project information

Talent Henrike Meyer
Role of participant Script, Director, Actress, Sound, Montage
Director Henrike Meyer
Status finished

Production details

Running time 39 min
Genre Documentary (Hybrid)
Year of production 2012
Country of Production Germany
Production Company
University of the Arts, Berlin
Website http://www.henrikemeyer.de/?/film/feldarbeit/

still / picture for Feldarbeit/in The Fields
still / picture for Feldarbeit/in The Fields
still / picture for Feldarbeit/in The Fields


'Feldarbeit' tells of an encounter between a young woman and her father which takes place on his asparagus farm to the west of Berlin. In calm and exploring images between the poles of documentary and fiction, Henrike Meyer is reaching out, looking for some kind of reconciliation.
The filmmaker accompanies her father during the harvest, an exhausting time that leaves little or no room for any form of familiar daily routine. This makes 'Feldarbeit' an actual portrait of fieldwork. Henrike Meyer’s intimate perspective of an outsider gives an insight into the workings of a large agricultural firm that employs seasonal workers. The German countryside here is not idyllic. It turns out to be a non-place, where there is no possibility to hide behind rituals, no hold in memories. Father and daughter, who live in completely different worlds, are forced to invent a new language to approach each other. This happens in short scenes during the midday breaks, in between the working shifts, in the early morning hours and in the evening.
'Feldarbeit' is a personal film and at the same time a document about the living and working conditions of our time.

Participation in international festivals / awards

36th Duisburger Filmwoche
10th Dokfilmwoche Hamburg