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Fala Comigo (the Other End)

Project information

Talent Carlos Eduardo Valinoti
Role of participant Producer
Director Felipe Sholl
Producer Daniel van Hoogstraten
Screenwriter Felipe Sholl
Status finished

Production details

Running time 92 min
Genre Drama
Year of production 2017
Country of Production Brazil
Production Company
Syndrome Films

still / picture for Fala Comigo (the Other End)
still / picture for Fala Comigo (the Other End)
still / picture for Fala Comigo (the Other End)


Diogo (17) has a little quirk: he likes to call his mother's female therapy patients and masturbate while listening to them on the phone. One of these patients is Angela (43), a woman who was just left by her husband When Diogo calls Angela, she thinks it's her husband calling. She starts having a relationship with the silence on the other end of the line. But when she finds out it's Diogo, she's disgusted. She's furious. But, most of all, she's attracted to this person who showed so much interest in her. The only person who called her every day. So what began as a very unusual relationship soon evolves into something positive for both of them. Diogo helps Angela see that she can have a new beginning, after dedicating all her life to her failed marriage. And she shows him his way to independence. But they have to face a number of obstacles as they try to be together. There's the age difference, Diogo's mother, and, especially, his own path to adulthood. Is this path going to lead him closer or further from Angela?

Participation in international festivals / awards

Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival 2016