The Wrecked Room

Short Film Station 2017

Project information

Talent Ovsanna Shekoyan
Role of participant Director
Director Ovsanna Shekoyan
Status pre-production

Production details

Running time 15 min
Genre Drama
Year of production 2017
Country of Production Armenia
Production Company
Banber Films


What if one day you came home to find everything completely wrecked?

still / picture for The Wrecked Room


The story starts with the scene where on returning home the hero finds it completely wrecked. What happened here and why? Is this a crime story or maybe a story about revenge? During the whole film we don’t see the man's face, we just follow his footsteps: room after room, from broken things and scattered items we get more information about the inhabitant. It is a perfect situation of proximity to get inside the person without contacting him, whose life is automatically summed up inside four walls. Venturing into the private space, we witness a very intimate story about relationship and an emotional breakdown. The film doesn’t tell a story in a traditional way, and like a game it gives hints to solve puzzles by yourself. Can the audience guess what happened here? And finally will they be disappointed when they realize that all the demolition was made by a woman, namely by his wife, on the reason that she found out about the true sexual orientation of her husband?