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Wall Of Death, And All That

Project information

Talent Tibor Keser
Role of participant Co-Producer
Director Mladen Kovacevic
Producer Mladen Kovacevic
Screenwriter Mladen Kovacevic
Status production

Production details

Running time 61 min
Genre Documentary (Creative)
Year of production 2016
Countries of Production Serbia , Croatia
Production Companies
Horopter (Serbia)
Restart (Croatia)
Website http://restarted.hr/en/movies.php?recordID=172


The story about “The princess of the Wall”.

still / picture for Wall Of Death, And All That
still / picture for Wall Of Death, And All That
still / picture for Wall Of Death, And All That


The film is set in the world of unbearable noise, unhygienic food and abundant liquor, the world where the innocent children have fun on the merry-go-rounds alongside the amateur striptease and vulgar turbo-folk music. Our main character, Brankica, was the star of the legendary family of circus nomads. She was called “The princess of the Wall”. Now a 42 year old grandmother of six, Brankica is stuck in the perverted world of Balkan country fairs, repeating the same life-threatening motorcycle tricks on the sidewalls of the 6 meter wide wooden barrel.

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Name Mladen Kovacevic
Company Horopter
E-mail mladen.kovacevic@horopter.rs