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A Fire In My Brain That Separates Us

Project information

Talent Benjamin Ramírez Pérez
Role of participant Director
Director Benjamin Ramírez Pérez
Status finished

Production details

Running time 17 min
Genre Experimental
Year of production 2015
Country of Production Germany
Production Company
Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Website http://benjaminramirezperez.com/works/afimbtsu

still / picture for A Fire In My Brain That Separates Us
still / picture for A Fire In My Brain That Separates Us
still / picture for A Fire In My Brain That Separates Us


In an initially deserted room objects slowly begin to move; they are manipulated from the off-screen space, being pulled and dragged by strings, cables or the carpet. Thus a ‘ghostly’ choreography emerges, with the objects taking on a life of their own, vanishing and reappearing. The control of these processes from the off-screen is made visible, by showing the strings attached to the objects as well as parts of the acting persons on the edge of the frame. This is accompanied by superimposed subtitles, which consist of a collage of existing film dialogue: Lines from the sub-genre of ‘gaslighting’ films are combined, taking the eponymous Gaslight (1944) as a starting point. A text assemblage on seduction and betrayal unfolds. At the same time the ambient lighting of the room gradually becomes increasingly colored, reaching an almost excessive saturation point as off- and on-screen space become reversed and a muffled pop music penetrates the room. A kind of karaoke video comes into being with the music – like many elements of the film – taking on the notion of a copy of something vaguely familiar.

Participation in international festivals / awards

Toronto International Film Festival, 2015