Corporal Postcards

Project information

Talent Adriana Trujillo
Role of participant Director
Director Adriana Trujillo+Isabel Gahren
Producer Adriana Trujillo+Isabel Gahren
Status finished

Production details

Running time 27 min
Genre Documentary (Creative)
Year of production 2005
Country of Production Spain
Production Company

still / picture for Corporal Postcards
still / picture for Corporal Postcards
still / picture for Corporal Postcards


Seven human behaviors and pleasures have been classified as sins, but are inherent to the human condition and therefore inseparable from the body and mind. Postales Corporales is a body divided in seven chapters, bodily stories told through physical and psychic nakedness in terms of the so called deadly sins. Each postcard explores the skin of Luís, Mariona, Ana, Rubén, Ada, Aramis and Noemí as they reflect about their "sin" and its relationship with their body as a final challenge in terms of identity and ephemeral limits between their interior and exterior.

Participation in international festivals / awards

Barcelona Visual Sound - Special Jury Award

Caixa Forum Barcelona (CCCB)

San Diego Latino International Film Festival 2005)

Baja California Film Festival - Best Documentary