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Identity (at)

Project information

Talent Nancy Brandt
Role of participant Director
Director Nancy Brandt
Status in development

Production details

Running time 90 min
Genre Documentary (Creative)
Year of production 2017
Countries of Production Germany , Turkey
Production Company
Nancy Brandt Film

still / picture for Identity (at)


My daughter is called with her secondary name "Delal". That's Kurdish and means "The Beautiful". Her father, M. Mustafa Şahin, is descended from a large family of Kurdish Alevits from Turkey. As a member of a twicely persecuted minority he came here in 1995 and received political asylum. But he didn't want that his daughter bears his family name. In the last 20 years that he is already in Germany he experienced at first hands the distrust against people with foreign-sounding name.

The film is a search for traces. Together with my husband and our little daughter I'll travel to the places of Mustafa's childhood and adolescence but also to his first stays in Germany. With a collection of encounters, talks, associative images and impressions I'd like to deal with the question: What remains of a culture, which was prohibited for decades in its home country and which is still discriminated and persecuted? Which heritage will still be given to the next generations, even in the emigration? How does it change our society? What can WE take with us from that? One day our daughter will also have to deal with this topic.