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Los Abismos

The abysses

Script Station 2016

Project information

Talent Agustina San Martín IV
Role of participant Director
Director Agustina San Martín IV
Producer Caudillo Cine, Estùdio Giz
Screenwriter Agustina San Martín IV
Status post-production

Production details

Running time 90 min
Genre Mystery
Year of production 2019
Country of Production Argentina
Production Company
Caudillo Cine


Emilia returns to Misiones where she was born, to find her brother after years without contact. In a town over the frontier with Brazil, Emilia stays in her aunt’s mysterious land in the wild where a woman disappeared a week ago.
It’s storm season and the whole town is rebelled against Inés as they believe she hides information about the missing girl.
While searching, Emilia and the other isolated woman in her family will learn to reconstruct their bonds previously broken by prejudice.

still / picture for Los Abismos
still / picture for Los Abismos