Short Film Station 2015

Project information

Talent Kam Leong Huat (Michael)
Role of participant Writer/Director
Director Michael Kam
Status post-production

Production details

Running time 20 min
Genre Drama
Country of Production Singapore


A lonely boy. A beautiful trapped neighbour. An enchanted forest that brings them together.

still / picture for Melodie


SENG is a latchkey child living in an old apartment block in present-day Singapore. The majority of his existence comprises of being in a noisy school he despises and in a deafeningly quiet home. The silence at home is suddenly broken by a melodious voice from behind the wall in his room - the first time he is enchanted by beauty, even more alluring in its physical form. He spies on his neighbour and finds her, a helper to a spiteful old man. He tries to connect with her and ultimately, helps free her but is caught for his misdeed. Wandering into a forest, they meet again, albeit in a bittersweet fantasy...