Talent Project Market 2015

Project information

Talent abner benaim
Director Abner Benaim
Producer Gema Juarez Allen, Gema Films, Argentina
Screenwriter Abner Benaim - Salvador Roselli

Production details

Running time 90 min
Genre Drama
Budget in Euro 755000
Country of Production

still / picture for Biencuidao


JIMMY, a 45-year-old architect, has been going through big life changes. He recently separated from his wife, the mother of his young son; he’s seeing someone new; and he’s moved to Panama City’s Casco Viejo, the old quarter that is going through revitalisation and where rich and poor now live side by side.

CHIEF (35) is a biencuidao who works the square in which Jimmy’s apartment building is located. He is always offering to “watch the car, wash the car, or see to what the man wants.” Jimmy feels he treats Chief well, greeting him affably, sometimes asking him to run errands and tipping him generously. But he maintains a distance.

One night, Chief appears covered in blood at the door of Jimmy’s building. He explains that he has been attacked and is likely to be killed if he stays in the streets. Jimmy agrees to take him in but only long enough for Chief to recover from the worst of his wounds. Yet day after day goes by, and Chief stays on, ignoring Jimmy’s hints and direct requests that he leave.

Chief’s presence—his disarming combination of charm, manipulation and emotional blackmail (qualities that Jimmy recognises from his own behaviour) —complicates every aspect of Jimmy's life. He alienates Jimmy’s girlfriend and drives a wedge between him and his son. What is becoming a nightmare for Jimmy seems to be a paradise for Chief. Jimmy feels increasingly alone in the world, except somehow for Chief. Although he does not want him as a friend, he is depending on him as one. The more this dependence grows, the less Jimmy wants Chief around at all.

Jimmy finally manages to force Chief out, and a semblance of calm returns to his life. But Chief doesn’t stay gone for long, and when he returns, Jimmy is down and out: he has managed to convince everyone around him to leave him alone, and now that they did, he can't face everyday life on his own. Chief, again, tries his best to "take care of Jimmy", who reacts by pushing him away even further, and in a moment of rage that gets out of hand, destroys their dysfunctional boundaries, and accidentally kills Chief.

BIENCUIDAO, a drama with touches of thriller, that takes us beyond social class conflict into the darkness of human spirit.