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Is Your Teen A Homosexual?

Short Film Station 2015

Project information

Talent Tamara Scherbak
Role of participant Writer/Director/Co-Producer
Director Tamara Scherbak
Producer Tamara Scherbak & Faisal Lutchmedial
Screenwriter Tamara Scherbak
Status post-production

Production details

Running time 6 min
Year of production 2018
Country of Production Canada
Production Company
Miksang Productions
Website http://www.miksang.ca


'Is Your Teen A Homosexual?' is a short allegorical comedy that satirizes Trump's America by using the style of “teen hygiene” educational films of the 1950s. Johnny comes out to his family, who is helped by an off-screen Narrator, but stereotypes and prejudices prove to be stronger than family ties.

still / picture for Is Your Teen A Homosexual?
still / picture for Is Your Teen A Homosexual?


IS YOUR TEEN A HOMOSEXUAL? is a short comedic film parodying the ‘teen hygiene’ educational films of the 1950s. JOHNNY, the teenage son of an atypical North American suburban family, decides to announce to his family that he is gay. His parents, Mom and Dad, are in severe denial while his little sister, Norma, doesn't see what the problem is. With the help of the Narrator, the parents are able to come to terms, albeit in a twisted and absurdly stereotyped way with Johnny's homosexuality. All the while, the child who has the real psychological issues, the sister, is left to her own devices. Each character has their own quirks and repressed issues, including the Narrator who is gradually revealed to be an alcoholic as the film progresses.


MomLaura Mitchell
DadJames Murray
JohnnyLaurent M. Pitre
NormaIsabella D'Alesandro
NarratorNeil Kroetsch


Director of PhotographyGabriele Kislat
Art DirectorValentina Oresic
SoundYecine Meliani