Passed By Censor

Talent Project Market 2015

Project information

Role of participant Director
Director Serhat Karaaslan
Producer Serkan Çakarer, +90 Film Production, Turkey
Screenwriter Serhat Karaaslan
Status in development

Production details

Running time 90 min
Genre Other
Budget in Euro 660.000
Year of production 2016
Country of Production Turkey
Production Company
+90 Film Production


A prison official who censors convicts’ letters finds love in a woman's photograph attached to one of them.

still / picture for Passed By Censor


Zakir (32) works as a censor in an Istanbul prison. His job is to read all of the convicts’ letters, black out any objectionable content and stamp them “Passed”. He lives with his elderly mother on the poor outskirts of the city, where he has spent his entire life. He is engaged to a girl chosen for him by his family. Zakir cannot resist stealing the photograph of an attractive woman, SELMA (30), that he finds inside a letter.
Zakir’s crush on the woman, whose photograph he carries everywhere, develops into an obsession as he begins
to believe that they could become lovers. For this to happen, however, he has to get Selma’s husband out of the way.
Doing some digging, Zakir learns that Selma’s convict husband, RECEP (50), is one of the infamous bullies in the prison. While stalking Selma, Zakir also tries to get to know his rival better by starting an informal friendship with him. Zakir waits impatiently to intercept the letters written by the couple, learning all the private details of their past and their relationship.
Zakir secretly observes Selma and Recep’s interactions during their visits, seething with jealousy. It is then announced that prisoners will be able to have 24-hour conjugal visits with their spouses in specially made “pink rooms”. Zakir, unable to tolerate the idea of the couple making love in the prison, informs the director of a secret that Recep shared with him, ensuring that Recep instead
receives disciplinary action. This, however, leads to a halt in Selma’s letters as well as her visits to the prison. Now, the only way for Zakir to see her is to go to her home.