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Creative Despite War

Project information

Talent Aletta von Vietinghoff
Role of participant 4
Director Ruí Diaz
Status finished

Production details

Running time 90 min
Genre Documentary
Year of production 2013
Country of Production Germany
Production Companies
Monoduo Film
Fish in Water Films
Website http://creativedespitewar.org

still / picture for Creative Despite War
still / picture for Creative Despite War
still / picture for Creative Despite War


The film takes us on a journey into Afghanistan’s growing artistic movement and into the intimate world of these artists, showing the impact of their artistic work in the construction of a new Afghan society, and proving that there is another perspective to see the country beyond the conflict.
Despite thirty years of conflict, and eleven years of military occupation, despite violence, poverty, fundamentalism and war, there is a blossoming artistic movement in Afghanistan willing to be seen. "Creative Despite War" foregrounds four of the most innovative young Afghan artists in their struggle to create and show their artwork, in a country were freedom of expression can often be life threatening. Despite of this fact, their art is slowly taking over the cities: from paintings on Kabul’s semi destroyed walls to heavy metal underground concerts.

Participation in international festivals / awards

Currently in post-production