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With Wings And Roots

Project information

Talent Aletta von Vietinghoff
Role of participant Editor
Director Christina Antonakos-Wallace
Status post-production

Production details

Running time 90 min
Genre Documentary
Year of production 2015
Countries of Production Germany , United States
Website http://withwingsandrootsfilm.com

still / picture for With Wings And Roots
still / picture for With Wings And Roots
still / picture for With Wings And Roots


“Terrorist.” “Job-snatcher.” “Exotic.” “Foreign.” “Illegal.” These taunts and attitudes are all too familiar to the five children of immigrants in New York and Berlin featured film.
Grappling with the pressure to assimilate on one hand, and the pressure to “preserve” their cultures on the other, they forge new paths through their art and activism as they take the next major steps in their lives. While they have very different backgrounds, these young people face common challenges and offer their own compelling visions of belonging–of what it means to be an American and a German. Pushing against expectations, their stories echo the underrepresented voices of millions of young people on both sides of the Atlantic. Set in two migration cities on different continents, WITH WINGS AND ROOTS uses an unprecedented comparative lens that breathes fresh life into an urgent social issue so often mired by clichés.

Participation in international festivals / awards

Currently in post-production