One Day In June

Project information

Talent Daniel Hui
Role of participant 2
Director Daniel Hui
Status finished

Production details

Running time 10 min
Genre Experimental
Year of production 2010
Country of Production Singapore
Production Company
13 Little Pictures

still / picture for One Day In June
still / picture for One Day In June
still / picture for One Day In June


A woman returns from abroad. In her state of jetlag, she finds herself falling between the gaps of the past and present.

In long, poetic shots, sorrow and loneliness are tangible. With the film, Hui has created a small-scale drama that evokes questions but does not answer them.

Throughout the presentation of the narrative, Hui is interested in images that are uneasy of themselves – images that seem to want to be other images. With a Heideggerian ontological concern in mind, Hui pushes each image to the horizon of being and non-being, and of truth and illusion.

Participation in international festivals / awards

• International Film Festival Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2010
• World Film Festival Bangkok, Thailand 2010
• Singapore Short Cuts, National Museum of Singapore 2010
• Asian Hot Shots Berlin, Germany 2010
• Sintok Film Festival Tokyo, Japan 2012