Animal Spirits

Project information

Talent Daniel Hui
Role of participant 2
Director Daniel Hui
Status finished

Production details

Running time 9 min
Genre Documentary (Creative)
Year of production 2013
Countries of Production Singapore , United States
Production Company
13 Little Pictures

still / picture for Animal Spirits
still / picture for Animal Spirits
still / picture for Animal Spirits


Through the stories of two women who come to Los Angeles in search of hope, this film analyzes how we make economic decisions in a post-crisis world. In love as in life, we make decisions based on how we deal with uncertainty. These decisions end up shaping who we are; they form the world around us. But what if we make the wrong decisions? Will it result in a stunted world? What if we see no way out? Will this hopelessness infect the world? This film is about how the smallest decisions in our lives can result in huge economic phenomena. It examines the close interrelationship between people, as mediated by the economy.

Participation in international festivals / awards

• Singapore Short Cuts 2013, National Museum of Singapore
• Thai Short Film and Video Festival 2014, Bangkok, Thailand